How’s the real estate market doing right now? Today’s market update will be quick and simple: We need inventory! If you’re considering selling anytime within the next year, you need to reach out to me or your agent soon. The buyer’s agents out there don’t have enough inventory, and homes are selling in the private network, meaning many don’t even come onto the market anymore. Buyers are struggling to find the right property. 

“We need inventory!”

Every other real estate agent is telling their clients this same message. This means that four to five months from now there will be a huge wave of new listings on the market. My prediction is that at that time, inventory will be too high. Get your home on the market before you have all that competition. 

Even if you think you’re not ready for me to come by and take a look at your house, it doesn’t have to be clean, I don’t mind! I’ll only be looking at the condition and layout. 

Get on the phone or send me an email if you want me to come check out your property or you have any questions. I would love to hear from you soon!