With COVID-19 affecting nearly every industry in this country, what will the future of real estate look like? I wanted to share my thoughts today after having observed many changes over the last month.

Here’s an outline of my discussion, with timestamps so that you can skip around to the section(s) that interest you most:

1:15- A story about a buyer who I worked with virtually
2:00- A message to everyone who was planning to move in the next year
3:15- Why homebuyers should be looking on the MLS and the private network
4:00- Advice for owners of luxury homes and starter homes
5:00- Some of the new technology we’re implementing to further assist buyers and sellers
6:00- How we’re beefing up virtual showings to attract more buyers
7:05- How to use your time at home to your advantage for a future move
8:05- A few different ways I can help you during this time 

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