Today I am going to answer the question, “Why should you not hire me as your real estate agent?”

Truly, it’s if you don’t want the genuine truth. I am honest with my clients. I’m pretty blunt and frank. I’m going to present it to you the way that I see it. I try to make it a bit softer, but I don’t want my clients to be in a position where a year or two after they’ve listed their house, they’re still on the market. I will be 100% honest with you even if you don’t like the answer.

Here is a real-life example. I was in a situation about a year and a half ago where I went to give a price estimate and the homeowners were interviewing three agents. I gave them a price of $649,000, but if they needed to sell immediately, I said $599,000. I was not chosen, they went with the agent that priced it at $769,000, which was way too high for the market. However, the other agent said, “Yeah, we’ll do it, we can get that.” 

Then, after six months that listing expired and they thought it was the agent’s fault when it wasn’t. Then they went with an agent that reduced it to $699,000. After that, it had to be reduced to $639,000, then $629,000, and finally, they decreased to $599,000, the price I had given them, 14 months later. Now, they still have not closed after 16 months on the market. So, they had carrying costs, time aggravation, and showing irritations. 

“I will be 100% honest with you even if you don’t like the answer.”

Showing your house can be an agonizing experience and having showings and being ready for showings every day is arduous. Imagine being on the market for 16 months! Maybe they simply didn’t like me, but the point is that they didn’t listen to what I was saying as being valid. It’s fine to do that, but it ended up costing them time and money. 

Work with an agent who you can trust and who knows the market. I do not want people to overspend on improvements on their home. I want people to sell their houses and sell quickly. To that end, our clients can cancel their listing agreement with us at any time because if they feel we are not being forthright, we want them to feel that they can leave. This allows us to have an improved conversation with our clients about the market. We’re telling you the truth about what will get your house sold. It’s up to you now to decide where you want to go with that.

If you have any questions, want to chat, or you want an estimate on your home with no obligation, feel free to reach out. The easiest way is to email me but I’m also available by phone or text as well. I look forward to hearing from you!